Thursday, June 03, 2004

Email Viruses!

Arrrgghhh.... I hate viruses! This is why I usually use my Mac or Linux machines for reading email. Unfortunately it looks like the most recent virus has infected several members of our mailing list. :(

I'm obviously not going to name names (or email addresses), but I encourage everyone to do a scan of their system to rule yourself out. If you get an email saying that you've been removed from the group, it's because you've sent a number of virus infected emails to either me or the group. You're more than welcome to re-join once you've fixed the problem. Also, don't worry - Yahoo has been doing a very good job of making sure the group doesn't get these messages. Instead it sends them all to ME for review! :) Eeek!

If you need a virus scanning program, I use McAfee. They also have a free scan thing available on their website. It doesn't fix anything but it will tell you if you have a problem and then you can go out and buy something to fix it. Another popular choice is Norton Antivirus.

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